Everlasting Charity

Our goal is to acquire a permanent building to facilitate all the Academy’s programs for boys, girls and adults as well as a community center where events such as conferences, seminars, workshops can be held. Currently, Darul Qur’an Academy is being run out of a shared space and therefore cannot expand our operations and services. Darul Qur’an Academy currently has 70 part-time boys, 8 full-time boys and 15 part-time girls enrolled with numerous teachers conducting the programs. With a facility of its own, the academy will be able to expand their reach and provide a variety of programs as well as better serve the wide population of Muslims in all levels, ages and commitments. Through the mercy and help of Allah, along with your financial and moral support, we are certain that Darul Qur’an can fulfil this need immediately. We will be honoured for your family, friends and yourself to be apart of this nobel project. To make a donation, please select and amount and pay below!

Jazakallahu khairun

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.